HC Chinese Text to Speech Engine

HC Chinese Text to Speech Engine is a computer speech synthesis application which converts Chinese text into spoken voice output.

This site is developed with the cloud computing technology, which does not ask the user to download or install any additional software to get the text to speech converting services. Besides learning Chinese, the site service would also help the web developers to use HCTTS as a tool to develop more of other cloud computing web applications.

HC Chinese TTS engine is still under training period. If you see some pronunciation issues, the training machine will try to correct them daily for you. You may input the same sentence later to get the auto correction or send a mail to us with your descriptions and get it been corrected quickly. Any comment to help us please send to contact@hchightech.com.

文字到语音,Text-To-Speech (TTS),是一种语音合成技术。它是通过计算机人工智能软件识别文字并将其转换成语音。


HC中文语音网目前正处于人工智能训练阶段。使用中你可能会遇到某些发音不准确的情况,通常这些错误会被语音训练系统于一天之内自行校正。 你可以在稍后输入同样的句子而发现这种自动校正后的语音,或者通过电邮告知我们详情而很快得到纠正。 若有改进意见,请寄contact@hchightech.com